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Recently, Our granddaughter’s maternal grandmother sent me a request, pattern and fabric (wrong side showing second photo below…it’s a vibrant pink with gray polka dots) to make our little girl an outfit.


It’s an Out of Print (OOP) McCall’s 9302, View B.  Although she is big (since birth) for her age, the pattern is a “small” which envelopes sizes 4-6. She’s seven months. :-).


I knew going into this project that it would be challenging…and fun.  With just her weight and height measurements in hand,  I grabbed some remnants from my stash and began the process.  The gingham print was used for this dress and the red and white polka dot print was used for this dress.  The fabric used for the yokes and collar is from a dress that is currently in my unfinished projects collection.


I began by reducing each pattern piece by about 70%.  This included the gown front and back, the sleeve, the front and back yokes, the collar and the hat.  I used a similarity transformation, known as dilation, often taught in geometry. This general adjustment corrected most of the fit issues with a few noted exceptions.

                            img_5468 img_5466 img_5464

It was obvious during construction that the neck area was going to be too small so I omitted the buttons awaiting a first fitting.  In addition, the sleeves seemed  a bit long so I omitted the elastic and lace at the wrists for the same reason and finally.  Finally, I used about a 5″ deep hem that would be reduced significantly for the final garment.img_5476Initially, I thought that one test would be enough but once I received feedback, including photos, from the fitting of the first garment, I decided to conduct one more test before cutting into the final fabric.img_5481

For the second gown I used remnants from this project.   I widened the front and back yoke pieces and collar to accommodate four additional inches in this area, I shortened the length of the front and back gown pieces by about three inches, and reverted the hat to it’s original size.  The initial reduction resulted in the hat being about two sizes too small :-).  I figure this style lends itself nicely to easy corrections by simply adjusting the length of the elastic so I reverted.  I decided to add a lining, which will also be included on the final hat, to protect her curls.  🙂


Instead of shipping this one off, since we live in separate states, thankfully, I was able visit and took the garment with me for a fitting.   Taking these pictures was a hoot…

img_5497As expected, widening the yokes created more width in the body of the gown which is going to be okay since it results in more room for her to grow.  The width of the lower sleeve edge will need to be reduced by about a half inch or so and the hem will need to be adjusted.

img_5488For some reason the hem on the second garment was longer.  I’ll compare”test 1 and test 2″ notes to determine where the discrepancy lies and make corrections accordingly. A 2″ hem should suffice.img_5485 Once I make the final adjustments, I’ll be ready to cut into the final fabric.  I’ve documented the process and will share “final project” pics in the near future.img_5494

Until next time….PEACE AND BLESSINGS!!!