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The “No Closures” Dress Collection continues!  The order in which they are appear here may or may not have anything in common with the order of completion.  Note to self:  Following the order as previewed on Instagram…final post will detail actual order of completion.IMG_5111I purchased Burda 6664 at a Hancock Fabrics in Indiana when we first visited our granddaughter ❤ ❤ <3.  The pink and white gingham print on the model caught my eye first and once I looked at the line drawings I was hooked.  A kimono style wrap dress and top with ties.  I imagined that this would be a great addition to my wardrobe…and it is.

IMG_5132This is a “super easy” Burda pattern.  I combined Views by adding the collar of View B to the dress of View A.  I like collars XD.  Dress w/collar=six pieces total.  Front, back, left tie band, right tie band, left tie band extension and collar.  Super easy!IMG_4855I’d purchased the fabric at WalMart on a different trip to Indiana.  It was early March for the baby shower.  The fabric was marked $2.97 a yard.  I decided to check our local WalMart to see if they sold it since, as soon as I got home, I envisioned a few more items sewn up in this fabric. It was $8.97 per yard :?.  Not expensive, but not $2.97 and since I really, really, really (still trying to convince myself here) didn’t need it, I passed on the purchase.  Its a lightweight chambray denim that wears and washes up very nicely.  It wrinkles easily and is extremely comfortable.

IMG_5114I could have made alterations to the tie bands which I discuss in here in my review on pattern review but of course didn’t realize that adjustments may be necessary until the final stages of completion.  I doubt that I make this dress again but if something changes and I must have another, or even the top for that matter, I’ll adjust the tie bands and the side seam slit accordingly.

IMG_5129The time frame for this project from fabric (and pattern) purchase to completion was pretty quick…at least for me.  It helps that the pattern was super easy and the fabric was a delight to work with.  I purchased the fabric in March, the pattern in April and the dress was completed near the end of May.  Record timing!IMG_4858Until next time…PEACE AND BLESSINGS!!!