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I’ve decided that I like sewing “collections”.  The first was completed about a year ago.  Four tops, three bottoms and a dress.  It had an “easy” pattern theme and ended up being quite colorful which I loved!  Got some real wear out of these pieces last summer.  I’ve not worn the pink top and white skirt as much.  The top is a little scratchy and the skirt is so….white! 😮  Although I do like white, this skirt is not my fave.


The most recent collection,  completed in March of this year, was inspired by a black and white RTW coat by St. John Knits. The 10-piece collection consisted of  a dress, a jacket, a kimono, a vest, three tops and three bottoms.  I’ve worn the black pants more than anything else.

IMG_4381Sewing a collection, gives me the opportunity to select fabric and patterns from my (ever increasing) stash leading me to believe that somehow I am slowly reducing them both ;-).  In addition, it challenges me to sew with a plan and could give me some decent stats if I paid attention to that sort of thing.  In the end,  I always end up with fabulous new additions to my wardrobe.2016-05After the last two pattern hauls…I mean pattern purchases, I knew that I could combine a few of the new with some of the old (already in stash) to make a nice dress collection.  A collection of dresses…”No Closures” Dresses…pretty snappy huh?!IMG_4696Seven dresses will complete this collection. First up is Vogue 8824 to which I am no stranger.  I made it up in a sweaterknit fleece and wore it all winter long :-D.  It is easy to wear (and style) so I decided that I needed a spring/summer version.  I added a little flare to the hemline this time and chose this lightweight African print cotton.  Unfortunately these pics don’t capture the true rich color of this fabric…right Ms. Faye? IMG_4690This is a really quick cut and sew. Both times I’ve managed to nearly finish at one sitting with the exception of a few finishing details which carried over to the next day.  A day and a half tops (for me) but I’d say some could probably do it in a day.IMG_4656It’s the second week in May and the weather is still quite unpredictable :neutral:.  In the mid 60’s this Mother’s Day.  The first time I wore the dress, back in March, I styled it with boots and tights…so nice that it can easily be layered up in colder temps.  What’s your take on sewing collections?

Until next time…PEACE AND BLESSINGS!!!