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…clap along if you feel like a room without a roof…!  Feeling happy (and somewhat accomplished) as I write this post.  A Spring  Wardrobe Inspired by St. John is complete!


Oh how I wanted to take fabulous pictures with the center city as a backdrop and perhaps a few railroad tracks :-).  HA!  It was ALL I could do to get these photos as you see them.  Took these over a period of three days and the last day was rainy, rainy, rainy.  Not exactly how I had envisioned it.

The contest rules stated that participants needed to make 10 pieces in just shy of 9 weeks. I had even less time. There was a full week that I didn’t work on the collection at all, a weekend that I attended a wedding and four days that I was ill, so you can imagine exactly how my waking moments were spent (outside of work).  It helped tremendously that the last week of the contest coincided with my Spring Break, a fact that I relied heavily upon when I entered the challenge.  These are my entries.  Click on the links to see the reviews.


Vogue 1127,  Simplicity 1422Burda 6985 and McCalls 6610


Once I made the final selection of fabric and patterns I cut everything out at once.  It took me several days to do it but I knew this would be instrumental to my success.  There’d be no time for changes, second guesses, etc.

Initially, I organized the patterns in queue by trying to balance the “easy” with the “more involved” but when it came time to change the thread :-o..sometimes it’s the little things that get us there…it occurred to me that I could sew all of the items that needed black thread (six total) first, since I started with the kimono, and then move to the items that needed white thread (four total).  For the most part, that’s what I did, however, as time moved on, I knew that I would have to at least begin some of the white projects, even though I was not completely finished with the black ones, in order to see what I was up against.  No time for surprises.


Simplicity 1108


I knew that the jacket would probably take the longest, and it did.  I finished hemming it the last day of photos.  I also knew that the chiffon top would take additional time because of the fabric content, and it did.  I was pretty comfortable with the jeans since I had made them once before and the rest of the items were pretty straight forward.  Some of the sewing instructions for the black pants were a little vague but only enough to cause slight pause.  Nothing too difficult.


Butterick 6163, Simplicity 7435, Vogue 9138


So glad that this collection is a success.  I do have “stories” to tell, cause you, as sewists, know it’s not all smooth sailing all the time but I’ll talk about that in future posts.  I’m well pleased. My top three favorites are the dress, the jacket and the kimono, in that order.  I tried as much as possible to document and photograph the construction process (which is time consuming) and I’m sure I’ll get around to posting about individual items at some point but for now…I’m just gonna exhale :-).

Thanks to all those who encouraged and supported!

Until next time…PEACE AND BLESSINGS!!!