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…”you know I love your brown skin, I can’t tell where yours begins”…STILL one of my favorite tunes by India Arie.IMG_3471Speaking of faves, these jeans have quickly fallen into that category.  Although the denim doesn’t have a lot of stretch, barely any in fact, there’s enough ease here to consider it a “relaxed fit” all while standing, sitting, bending, etc.  Girl done got too old for anything else ;-).IMG_3439This McCall’s 6610  made me wonder why I waited so long to make a pair of jeans.  My preference is a boot-legged cut so I made View B.  Seriously, this is the easiest pattern to construct.  Instructions and illustrations are great!

I’d gotten this bull denim on clearance at Jo Ann Fabrics some time ago.  Usually when I see denim on clearance, I get it…can never have too much denim in the stash.  Although it’s medium weight, it’s a very soft wear which was a pleasant surprise.

IMG_3154I’ve included this pattern in my Spring Wardrobe Collection (which I’m a bit behind in by the way) and while the fit will basically remain the same, I will use a thinner (the pattern actually calls for muslin…I used moleskin) fabric for the pockets.  The moleskin was waaaay to thick!  Didn’t think that through but I do like the color combo :-).IMG_3454I’ve paired it with Simplicity 1315.  This is View A made from an animal print satin charmeuse also purchased at Jo Ann’s.  I also made View C using a multi-print rayon challis that had been in the stash for a while.  A couple of easy tops that were a breeze to make and wear.2015-09-04Until next time…PEACE AND BLESSINGS!!!